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Services at Cohasset Imports

Purchasing a Car From Us

You won't find any sales people at Cohasset Imports, just the owner, Peter. As a result, we've created a friendly, low-key environment where you are free to shop at you leisure and ask us questions when you are ready. It may sound cliché, but we're not interested in selling you a car, but interested in helping you find the car that's right for you.

Our Selection

The cars we offer for sale are handpicked by the owner, Peter. We are highly selective in our process and look for cars that are only one to two years old, have had just one owner, have low mileage, are accident free (and often scratch, nick, and blemish free as well!), and have never been smoked in. In short, we look for the most perfect cars we can find.

Every car we've selected to offer goes through a complete bumper-to-bumper service and inspection. We check everything on the car, including brakes, tires, and fluids. If it's not nearly new, we replace it. Every car on our lot meets the stringent standards of a Cohasset Imports certification.


We work closely with several banks to offer financing to our customers. Often, we are able to offer the lowest rates available (depending on the car and the customer's credit rating) and can offer longer terms of 5-7 years if desired. The financing we offer is full service, meaning that we arrange all the paperwork and communication with the bank for you.

Extended Warranties

In addition to the 3-month bumper-to-bumper warranty that comes standard with all our cars, we also offer a variety of extended warranties. Extended warranties vary in terms of length of time and coverage. We can help you choose the right warranty for you.

Registry Service

We offer full registry service to make getting your new plates or transfering your old plates as easy and painless as possible.


We have experience shipping cars across the country and internationally. We are happy to help arrange delivery of your new car to your location (note that not all locations are available).

Service and Repairs

Cohasset Imports is also a full service garage staffed with friendly, qualified technicians. We primarily service the cars we sell but also welcome outside service appointments. 

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