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Customer Testimonials

Cohasset Imports has a widespread reputation for its honesty, integrity, and dedication to customer service. We routinely receive letters, gifts, holiday cards, notes, emails, and phone calls to say thank you for the high quality products we offer and the services we provide.

A small sample of the thank yous we receive are below. Customers have provided additional reviews on Google Reviews and Yelp.


" Anyone who buys a car sight unseen located some 1,500 miles away has to rely on a giant leap of faith to go ahead with the transaction.  But that’s what we did, finding exactly what we were looking for via the power of the internet at Cohasset Imports.  Knowing you can make any vehicle look great with a digital camera and photoshop, we were a little leery at first glance staring at our computer’s monitor.  But after talking with Peter about the car (a 2005 Mini Cooper Convertible) at length and reading testimonials from previous customers, we went ahead and closed the deal.  From that point on, everything went as smooth as silk.  Peter put us in touch with an auto transport service, and they lined up a carrier with an enclosed trailer which picked up the car on a Tuesday morning in Massachusetts and delivered it to us in southwestern Mississippi the following Friday.  Amazing.  And, to our delight, the car was exactly as advertised:  it was immaculate.  Early on the transport company official made the comment “…you are going to get a good vehicle; Peter is very fussy about his cars.”  And he was certainly telling the truth.  For anyone wishing to do business with Cohasset Imports long distance, from our experience you will be very pleasantly surprised. "  - Terry & Merideth (sent via email June 2015)


" Thank you so much for repairing my car so quickly! It was very appreciated! you have taken such wonderful care of me and my family! (June 2015.  Read original letter here )


" Thank you so much for the use of the Volvo on Wednesday. It rides beautifully. Thanks so much, too, for fixing the CD player. I was so surprised to hear Joni Mitchell when I turned the Jeep on! You guys are the best! (June 2015.  Read original letter here )


" Hi Bettie & Peter, The Sky arrived about 10am this morning from Ft. Lauderdale. What a beautiful car. No disappointment here! Thanks to both of you. "  (Sent via email, May 2015. The car was delivered to Florida from our location in Massachusetts)


" We've been buying cars from you for over 20 years and have never been disappointed. Besides getting great cars, the service has always been superb and is the reason we keep coming back. We trust Peter and the crew and have been so impressed with the service we've gotten over the years we've recommended Cohasset Imports to everyone we know.  I can't imagine buying a car anywhere else.  Thanks Peter and Bettie! "  -Nancy (sent via email July 2013)


"Thank you to all of you for making buying and maintaining our cars such a positive, friendly experience. We wish you all the best in the coming year." ( Read original letter here)


"Thank you for making our car buying experience such a pleasure." ( Read original letter here)


"Thank you again for time and consideration as well as your prompt attention. I sincerely appreciate your kindness and professionalism and I look forward to a lond-standing relationship with you and your team. With gratitude and good wishes, Karen" ( Read original letter here)


"You win my single woman's seal of approval - for the 14th year running! So add to the list: most honest and upstanding - and, of course, last but not least, the kindest." ( Read original letter here)


" Wishing you a world of peace and beauty this holiday season, along with a Merry Christmas and Healthy Happy 2006. Thank you for all you do for me. If everyone were like the two of you there really would be peace on earth. " ( Read original letter here)


"Thank you for demonstrating your integrity even two years after the sale! Have a wonderful Christmas." ( Read original letter here)


"You can't imagine the delight and excitement on April's Fools Day - 2 days after I left Cohasset Imports (cut me a little slack) when the girls screamed 'You car looks brand new!' I thought, 'Sure it does, we just came from the car wash.' They insisted, 'No...mom, there is no dent!' I thought this being there fiftheenth April's Fool joke I'm not falling for this one... Well finally I looked and in shock a miracle...no dent!" ( Read original letter here)

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