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Used Car Checklist: What to Look for When Buying a Second-Hand Car

When shopping for a second-hand car in Cohasset, Massachusetts, you need to know exactly what to look for. Doing a little extra homework will help you to make a great choice. Here’s a helpful checklist to use when you buy your second-hand car. At Cohasset Imports, if we can help you make a good decision, then, in our view, we will have done our job well.

Inspect the Car’s Exterior and Interior

Before you even slide behind the wheel of a used car, be sure to thoroughly inspect the exterior. You don’t want to be surprised by any unseen dents and scratches. Also, take the time to look underneath the vehicle for rust. When checking out the interior, be on the lookout for excessive wear and tear. From the seats to the floorboard, everything should be in good condition.

Get Ready to Hit the Road

According to research, more than two-thirds of car shoppers experience buyer’s remorse. To avoid becoming part of this group, pay attention during your test drive. Never buy a vehicle based solely on its appearance. A quick test drive around town won’t give you a good feel for the vehicle. You need to also take it out on the highway. If you are buying a vehicle for your family, bring them along. Everyone should be able to ride in comfort.

Check the Engine

If you don’t know much about cars, and you are not buying from a dealership with a good reputation, it is a wise idea to get the vehicle inspected by a mechanic. You’ll be able to drive home with an extra sense of security. A pre-purchase vehicle inspection shouldn’t cost you much more than $100. Another option is to ask a trusted friend or family member to look over the vehicle. Watch out for red flags like exhaust smoke and leaks. Be sure to also check the fluids, especially the transmission fluid and motor oil. Of course, if you are buying from a dealership, talk to them about their process for inspecting and correcting issues with used cars. Many dealers have very extensive processes they follow to ensure that their used cars are like new when they sell them.

Vehicle History Report

Vehicle history reports are well worth it. Aside from telling you if the vehicle has been in any previous accidents, these reports also highlight any title problems. The vehicle’s true mileage is listed on the report as well.

Research the Vehicle’s Market Value

Used car buying gives you an opportunity to save a lot of money. However, don’t forget to check the vehicle’s market value. Some of the best sites to find out a vehicle’s worth include Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, and Auto Trader. When preparing to make a purchase, you'll already know if its a good deal or not.

Making a Decision

Our new cars are excellent buys for the money. We have an extensive inspection process that all our used cars must pass in order by us. So, if you want to buy a used car, you can be confident will run well, then stop by Cohasset Imports. We will help you through you own process, let you test drive the car, kick the tires, and talk to us about what we do to make sure your used car works and looks like new. Contact us any time at 781-383-6751 or via our contact us now. Your next used car is waiting for you at Cohasset Imports so you can drive around Cohassset, MA in style whether you are going to Johnny Kono’s Bar and Grill or 5 South Main for some great food.

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